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Automatic Mahjong Table
All of our electronic mahjong table automatically shuffles, stacks, and elevates the tiles. Players can enjoy a better game experience for faster game play. Users also don't have to worry about cheating. All of our automatic mahjong table comes with two sets of magnetic tiles containing 144 pieces each set. We also offer free upgrade option to those who needed American mahjong. Our tables are appoximately 39"W x 39"L x 30"H, weigh about 200lbs, and output voltage of 110V. All of our tables come with one year parts warranty and lifetime labor warranty via video support.
Every table comes with a small drawer on each side. Tables are made and designed with metal and plastic, there are no mixed materials, and all motors are made from cooper to ensure quality purposes. Our tables are designed for error-free maintenance.

For our mahjong tables, we offer free lifetime video warranty along with free parts. Feel free to ask us any questions by calling us at 917-291-8771!

New 2015 automatic mahjong table, plastic finish, comes with 2 sets of magnetic mahjong tiles 144pc each, and free upgrade for those who need american mahjong tiles 152pc.

Model: DB40
Price: $1600 shipping included
2015 automatic mahjong table comes with 2 sets of chinese magnet mahjong tiles, free upgrade to american mahjong tiles and quick shuffling time!

Model: TH40
Price: $1700 shipping included
New design 2 in 1 automatic mahjong table. Comes with 2 sets of chinese tiles, free upgrade to American Mahjong Tiles. Wood Frame Finish and Metal leg support.

Model: DB4042
Price: $2100 shipping included
Folding Option for an additional $200. measurements are appox.
Shipping Rates:
>All of our automatic mahjong tables are shipped via pallet and shipping is already included in price.
Warranty & Return Policy:
> 30 days return with original packing
> buyer pays for return shipping via pallet
> lifetime warranty with free parts.
>Our company offers repairs for your non-working mahjong tables.


Picture colors may vary, frame color may be different from what we have depend on availiability